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In intralogistics, processes should exhibit maximum efficiency and adaptability to order volumes, regardless of the industry, such as parcel services, online or brick-and-mortar retail, manufacturers, or logistics service providers.

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Success in staying competitive within these intricate processes is crucial for those aiming to lead in their respective fields. With BOWE INTRALOGISTICS serving as a singular source provider for customized intralogistics solutions, individuals or organizations can be confident in achieving this objective. BOWE INTRALOGISTICS offers modular intralogistics solutions capable of automating the entire internal production chain and elevating order throughput, from inbound to outbound handling and beyond. When combined with innovative software and auto ID products from BOWE IQ, the warehousing systems transform into fully automated solutions for intralogistics. From project initiation, our experts provide comprehensive guidance, leaving no aspect to chance. Regardless of the challenges within your warehouse, we optimize logistics processes from the first to the last mile, applying our expertise and tailored technologies in conjunction with smart IoT software solutions precisely aligned with your needs.

The BOWE GROUP's three robust brands deliver cutting-edge automation and IoT software solutions specifically crafted to meet the unique needs of their target markets. BOWE SYSTEC specializes in efficient solutions for inserting, plastic card mailing, as well as letter and mixed mail sorting. BOWE INTRALOGISTICS provides comprehensive intralogistics solutions from a single source, and BOWE IQ offers intelligent IoT software solutions for system control, process optimization, and the overall management of complex and networked automation scenarios. With a history spanning over 75 years, the products from these brands have enhanced work and production flows across various industries. Crafted in Europe, these innovative, tailor-made technologies are designed to give customers a competitive edge in their respective markets. With a team of 1,000 employees, the BOWE GROUP ensures that customers worldwide benefit from their expertise and commitment every day.

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The foundations for efficient intralogistics are established through inbound handling, a critical step in optimizing internal processes. In courier and express services, as well as e-commerce, every moment is crucial, and the timely processing of orders is essential. Efficient inbound handling involves the use of telescopic conveyors, scissor roller tracks, and unloading aids to reduce loading ramp times. Singulators, tippers, and divert units help separate items, enabling the rapid movement of materials and goods through the system.

BOWE INTRALOGISTICS internal transport conveyor systems automate repeat runs along the same transport lines, enhancing productivity and competitiveness. These conveyor solutions swiftly transport goods from goods in to storage, the sorter, picking, or directly to goods out. The company offers a range of conveyors, including roller, chain, belt, and overhead conveyor systems, ensuring the right technology for various logistics centers or production facilities. Driverless transport systems (DTS) like autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) further optimize material flow within a plant, ensuring products reach their destination accurately and efficiently.


The current trend emphasizes small batches, diverse items, and short lead times, demanding efficient and error-free order fulfillment and material preparation. BOWE INTRALOGISTICS addresses these challenges with hand-held scanner, light or voice-controlled picking systems. Pick-by-Scan, Pick-by-Light, and Pick-by-Voice solutions integrate seamlessly into existing picking flows, reducing errors and improving productivity. Employees receive picking information via handheld terminals, indicator lamps, displays, or voice commands, simplifying the process and expediting order delivery.

Sorting systems from BOWE INTRALOGISTICS streamline complex intralogistics flows, optimizing and automating processes to shorten lead times. Modular sorting systems offer fully automated processing, ensuring rapid order processing and fast operational flows in modern operations, hubs, distribution centers, or depots. The sorting solutions accommodate a wide range of applications and volumes, handling diverse items and parcels. Controlled by intuitive software or the BOWE IQ Warehouse Control System (WCS), these sorters, combined with automation technologies and conveyors, enhance possibilities for logistics or parcel sorting centers, optimizing processes and energy efficiency.

Seamless outbound handling is vital for overall material flow efficiency, where BOWE INTRALOGISTICS output and diverting solutions gently and precisely sort items and parcels for onward dispatch. Innovatively designed chutes, such as single, double, or flipper chutes, ensure items leave the sorter in optimal condition, ready for loading onto trucks, cage trolleys, pallets, or conveyors for onward transport. BOWE INTRALOGISTICS optimizes outbound handling to meet specific requirements, providing tailored solutions for efficient and effective processes.