Modula & Option 3

Modula's US-made automated storage systems enhance material handling, boosting productivity, reducing storage needs, and improving worker safety. Their management systems provide real-time visibility into inventory, maintenance, and operational parameters.

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Modula's History

Modula stands as a premier manufacturer of automated storage solutions, crafted to enhance space utilization and refine picking and storage operations across various industrial sectors and environments. The vertical lift module (VLM) line, designed for high-ceiling facilities, efficiently maximizes storage capacity, housing items in enclosed units reaching up to 54 feet in height. In contrast, the horizontal carousels cater to low-ceiling settings and prioritize maximum throughput. Both solutions incorporate automated delivery, significantly boosting productivity and sparing operators from the need to bend, walk, or reach for parts.

Why Modula

Option 3 has partnered with Modula due to their exceptional automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and storage & order picking solutions. Modula's AS/RS technology has proven to be a game-changer, significantly boosting productivity and accuracy in material handling. The efficiency gains are complemented by a reduction in storage space requirements, contributing to optimal space utilization within our facilities.

Modula Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Modula's storage & order picking solutions align perfectly with our commitment to streamlined warehouse operations. These solutions provide a seamless and organized approach to inventory management, ensuring real-time visibility into inventory status and facilitating efficient order picking processes. This not only enhances overall operational efficiency but also contributes to customer satisfaction through timely and accurate order fulfillment.

A key factor influencing our decision to partner with Modula is their innovative approach to integrating robots into their systems. These robot integrations play a crucial role in boosting productivity and streamlining processes within our facilities. The synergy of Modula's AS/RS and order picking solutions with robot integrations aligns with our goal of staying at the forefront of technology, enabling us to meet the evolving demands of our industry.