J&L Wire & Option 3

J&L Wire, a prominent manufacturer with sites in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Walterboro, South Carolina, is recognized for producing high-quality galvanized and bright basic wire utilized in diverse industrial applications. Specializing in galvanized wire decking and shelving for warehouse storage, material handling, and logistics, as well as galvanized woven wire flooring and confinement panels for agriculture applications, J&L Wire has been delivering top-notch U.S.A.-made products for over 40 years.

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J&L Wire's History

Option 3 has chosen to partner with J&L Wire for several key reasons, primarily centered around the exceptional quality and innovation found in their products. One notable product is GALVA-DECK®, a cost-effective galvanized wire mesh deck designed for use with pallet racking. Each deck is reinforced with galvanized steel channels, providing durability and reliability.

In the hog production industry, J&L Wire's Boss Hog Extra® stands out for its longevity, lasting over 15 times longer than standard floors in aggressive environments, as demonstrated by independent testing. This exemplifies J&L Wire's commitment to delivering durable solutions that withstand harsh conditions.

J&L Wire's pre-straightened and cut wire, available in bright and galvanized finishes, offers versatility with diameters ranging from .141” to .312”. With tensile strength ranging from 90,000 psi to 110,000 psi on smaller sizes and 75,000 psi to 95,000 psi on larger sizes, this wire ensures reliability and straightness.

Recognized as a leader in wire decking, J&L Wire also provides essential accessories like pallet supports, enhancing the overall integrity and stability of storage racks. Notably, they have introduced a galvanized internal structural pallet support integrated with wire screens, offering standardized decking with load capacity determined by the number of integrated supports.

Option 3 values J&L Wire's commitment to quality and innovation, making them a trusted partner for wire mesh decks, flooring solutions, pre-straightened wire, and pallet support accessories.