UNEX & Option 3

UNEX collaborates with manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and retail operations to revolutionize supply chain management, focusing on enhancing one square foot at a time. Since 1964, the company has been a pioneer in developing the first cable-driven roller conveyor, introducing substantial cost savings compared to traditional belt-driven conveyors. Despite the growth and evolution of their product line, UNEX continues to maintain its position as the industry leader in dynamic storage solutions.

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UNEX's History

Option 3 has strategically aligned with UNEX as our chosen partner for supply chain solutions, leveraging their expertise in delivering innovative and efficient solutions across various aspects of the supply chain. UNEX stands out for its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance storage, picking, and packing & assembly processes.

UNEX's storage solutions are a cornerstone of our partnership, offering a range of dynamic and versatile options to optimize warehouse storage. Their gravity flow racks, carton flow systems, and pallet flow systems provide efficient and space-saving storage solutions that enable streamlined inventory management.

In the realm of picking solutions, UNEX excels with innovative technologies designed to enhance order fulfillment processes. Their solutions, including carton flow and conveyor systems, contribute to a seamless and organized picking process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in fulfilling customer orders.

For packing & assembly operations, UNEX provides tailored solutions to streamline the final stages of the supply chain. Their conveyor systems and workstation solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency of packing and assembly processes, allowing for smooth transitions from picking to packing while maintaining high accuracy and throughput.

The decision to partner with UNEX reflects our commitment to providing optimal supply chain solutions at Option 3. UNEX's storage solutions, picking technologies, and packing & assembly systems align with our goals of maximizing efficiency, accuracy, and overall operational excellence within the supply chain. Together, we aim to elevate the performance and capabilities of our supply chain processes to meet the evolving needs of our clients.