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At Starrco, all endeavors are crafted with uptime in consideration, starting from the initial quote to the final installation. The company ensures precise coordination and offers personable customer service throughout the process. With a legacy dating back to 1965, Starrco is known for product excellence and a commitment to customer and distributor loyalty.

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Starrco's History

Apart from their pre-engineered modular solutions, Starrco manufactures Cleanrooms, floor-to-ceiling interior walls, Starrguard safety guard rail systems, and pre-assembled portable buildings. What sets Starrco apart is their genuine focus on using higher quality materials for all pre-engineered modular systems, resulting in faster installations and a prompt return to normal business operations. According to feedback from customers and installers, it is this commitment to quality that distinguishes Starrco from others in the industry.


Establishing the industry standard for modular office structures in 1965, Starrco consistently raises the bar each year through continuous innovations and enhancements in quality. The company designs and manufactures offices using premium materials, tailored precisely to client specifications. Upon installation, clients can immediately perceive the high quality simply by opening the door. The modular offices come in several different applications: inpant offices, break rooms, conference rooms, sound and dust enclosures, podwer coating and sprat booths, and more.

Modular cleanroom

In the realm of controlled environments where air is filtered to eliminate particles and contaminants, a modular cleanroom relies on prefabricated components to meet stringent cleanroom classification requirements. Companies such as Toyota, amazon, Lockheed Martin, and Whirlpool rely on Starrco to deliver different modular cleanroom applications.

Starrco specializes in preassembled booths, compact structures designed to accommodate employees or equipment. With a track record of fabricating and furnishing such booths across various industries, Starrco stands out as a leading supplier of durable and high-quality preassembled booths.

A grow room is a confined space where plants are cultivated under controlled environmental conditions. The term "modular" in this context signifies the use of modular construction, involving the off-site manufacturing of standardized components (such as wall and ceiling panels) that are then transported for efficient on-site assembly.

The STARRMAX line of modular wall systems, crafted for applications requiring increased ceiling height, serves to enclose equipment or create operational areas within a facility. These modular wall panels can also function as floor-to-ceiling partitions, dividing sections of an existing facility to establish work areas or facilitate environmental control.