Boost Productivity & Reduce Labor Costs With Stretch Wrappers

Material handling systems encompass a wide array of equipment options that are considered indispensable for effective operations. Among these, one that stands out due to its significant role is the heavy-duty stretch wrapper. This machine plays a crucial role when it comes to applying durable stretch film to a multitude of manufacturing procedures.

A stretch wrappers common use of wrapping products and pallets, is an integral part of ensuring the safety and integrity of goods during both storage and transportation. The application of the stretch film aids in maintaining the stability of the items, subsequently helping to minimize product loss that can occur due to mishandling or during transit.

The use of a heavy-duty stretch wrapper also acts as a deterrent against load tampering. By securing the products in a formidable layer of stretch film, it discourages illicit activities, thereby adding an extra layer of security to your goods.

Another significant advantage of using such a machine is the reduction of worker injury. Manual wrapping can lead to physical strains and injuries over time. However, with the use of a heavy-duty stretch wrapper, the process becomes automated, significantly reducing the physical labour involved and thereby reducing the risk of injury to workers. This not only ensures the safety and well-being of the employees but also brings about increased efficiency in operations.

Stretch wrappers are available to suit different applications, products and volumes. Generally, they are semi-automatic and automatic.  It’s important to realize the different levels of performance, and how these options will meet your business needs. Which is why our experienced and reliable team of certified parts dealers will consult with you and determine what is best for your distribution center to greatly increase production rates and reduce labor costs, accidents and product loss.

  • Rotary Ring
  • Conveyorized Turntable
  • Conveyorized Rotary Arms
  • Non-Conveyorized Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic & Automatic

Our certified and licensed dealers will work with you direct to provide the best wrapping solution for your specific warehousing situation, to ensure you have the right tools to optimize your packaging line - Contact us today to discuss the options above, or any wrapping product that you need.

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