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For over 20 years, "Save"ty has been a leader in producing safety products for industrial workplaces.

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"Save"ty Yellow Products's History

"Save"ty's History

Since 2003, "Save"ty Yellow Products has held a prominent position as a leading producer of facility asset protection and safety products utilized in manufacturing, distribution centers, and warehousing facilities. The company designs products with a focus on reducing overall costs, including installation.

"Save"ty Yellow Products adopts a solution-provider approach, offering multiple models for each product line to provide flexibility in designing facilities, including custom applications. The product line encompasses industrial guard rails, collision awareness forklift warning systems, column/rack post protectors, building column protectors, industrial handrails, industrial dock and driveway gates, mezzanine and handrail gates, as well as steel bollards and machine guards.


"Save"ty Yellow Products, a provider of diverse safety solutions, presents a range of industrial guardrails designed for safeguarding individuals, facilities, vehicles, and products. The Stand Guard series, available in three versions, includes Standard rails made of 10-gauge high-tensile steel for fork truck impact protection, and Stand Guard Lite rails made of 14-gauge high-tensile steel for defense against stackers, pallet trucks, totes, and hoppers. The Drop-in Lift-out design ensures convenient and cost-effective installation, with welded sleeves eliminating the need for costly brackets. The industrial guardrails come in 4” or 5” square posts with heights of 18”, 26”, or 42% and feature powder-coated steel caps.

"Save"ty Yellow Products also offers End of Aisle rack protection and wall bumper rails to minimize interior wall damage during storage or pallet staging. In addition, their dock gates assist companies in complying with internal safety standards and OSHA fall protection regulations, with options like Rotating Dock Gates for various widths and solid, all-welded steel construction in safety-yellow for visibility and durability.

For mezzanine safety, "Save"ty Yellow Products provides the Mezzanine Pivot Gate, offering all-welded tubular steel construction, customizable sizes, and a powder-coated finish meeting OSHA specifications. Other mezzanine safety gates include horizontal and vertical options with manual or electrical operation. The PickerPal Pallet Safety Gate, available in 72" and 96" openings, features six self-closing arms for constant protection during pallet off-loading on mezzanine floors.


With a focus on ease of access and safety, "Save"ty Yellow Products offers a range of industrial safety gates that complement existing guard and handrail lines. The pre-fabricated Self-closing Swing Gate, available in various sizes, creates one-way, self-closing access complying with OSHA regulations. Mezzanine and Pick Module safety gates come in seven different models, addressing specific needs.


"Save"ty Yellow Products' bollards serve traffic control purposes, offering a physical barrier for designated areas in buildings, driveways, roads, or parking lots. Available in powder-coated yellow or non-food grade stainless steel, customers can choose surface-mount or direct-bury options with various heights. The building column protectors, such as Eagle, Eagle-Slim, and Eagle short, made of high-density blow-molded polyurethane, provide visual reminders and absorb impact in case of collisions, ensuring structural integrity and heightened awareness. Installation is easy, requiring no tools and fitting various square or round supports.

"Save"ty Yellow Products offers building column protectors designed to alleviate the potential impact on the structural integrity of columns and buildings in the event of a collision. These protectors also serve as visual reminders for drivers, whether operating forklifts, maintenance vehicles, floor scrubbers, stackers, or electric pallet trucks, especially in low-light and limited-visibility conditions. The building column protectors are available in standard yellow with black straps, as well as high-visibility orange or bright lime green with reflective straps.

In the event of a collision, whether it is a gentle tap at low speed or a full-on collision at high speed, "Save"ty Yellow Products' column protectors are positioned to absorb the impact and minimize damage. Installation is straightforward, as the high-density, blow-molded polyurethane protectors, including the Eagle, Eagle-Slim, and Eagle short models, come in two halves with straps for quick and tool-free installation. They are adaptable to a range of square or round supports in various sizes.