Novalocks Technology & Option 3

Since 1986, Nova has been a pioneer in the loading dock equipment industry, providing innovative and reliable solutions. Their extensive product line includes acclaimed offerings like the Truck Lock™, dock seals, shelters, dock levelers, accessories, and more. Nova also offers a diverse range of aftermarket service parts.

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Novalocks Technology's History


Continuously evolving to meet the dynamic needs of the material handling industry, Nova focuses on research and development to design solutions that enhance customer productivity and reduce operational costs associated with loading dock downtime or accidents.

Centrally located in southeastern Wisconsin, Nova operates its headquarters and manufacturing facility, supported by a nationwide network of trained loading dock equipment dealers, distributors, and installers. With a commitment to product development, quality, and exceptional customer service, Nova aspires to be the preferred partner for loading dock safety and efficiency solutions.

Why Novalocks

Option 3 has strategically partnered with Novalocks Technology due to their expertise in loading dock safety and a comprehensive range of solutions. Novalocks Technology specializes in dock levelers, providing cutting-edge technology and innovative designs that contribute to enhanced safety and efficiency in loading and unloading operations.

Their sealing systems play a crucial role in maintaining a secure and energy-efficient environment within the loading dock area. Novalocks Technology's expertise extends to trailer restraints, ensuring that vehicles are securely immobilized during loading and unloading processes, minimizing the risk of accidents.

As part of their commitment to energy efficiency, Novalocks Technology conducts energy assessments to identify opportunities for optimization. Their focus on designs that integrate seamlessly with loading dock operations further showcases their dedication to providing holistic solutions.