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Mallard Manufacturing's History

Since 1960, Mallard Manufacturing has been adapting to the continuously changing industrial landscape, utilizing the force of gravity to optimize space and productivity through efficient, dependable solutions. The company redefines the benchmarks for effective warehousing and distribution with potent yet "power-free" solutions tailored to meet the dynamic requirements of its clients.

The operations team is encouraged to shift its focus to the efficiency-boosting Gravity Flow Rack. The system transforms chaos into order through a slight incline, effortlessly guiding materials from point A to point B using inclined wheels or rollers without requiring worker assistance. The distance between points A and B can be customized based on specific needs, ranging from two pallet lengths to over twenty.

Gravity Conveyor Systems - Mallard Manufacturing

The advantages of Gravity Flow Rack extend to various applications, providing a quick installation process and easy worker training for an organized and productive warehouse environment. The system accommodates pallet, tote, and case applications, facilitating tasks such as palletized inventory management, raw material auto-feeding in manufacturing areas, dense storage with multi-level organization, and efficient order processing and packing.

The benefits of Gravity Flow Rack are further emphasized through its impact on storage capacity, pick speed, and accuracy. This includes maximizing storage capacity with high-density storage in 50% less space compared to standard racks, increasing throughput through deep-lane FIFO rotation with auto-replenished pick faces, decreasing costs by minimizing pallet handling and travel, and improving inventory control with designated SKU lanes for optimized access and accuracy. Notably, the system operates efficiently without the need for plugs, batteries, or external power sources.

Pallet Flow Racking is highlighted for its versatility, supporting First-In/First-Out (FIFO) and Last-In/Last-Out (LIFO) applications. The multi-level, condensed storage system proves effective for medium-throughput, high-volume palletized inventory. Pallet Flow Rack is also applicable as a floor-mounted, deep-lane solution for high-throughput case and layer picking, especially in manufacturing settings for a continuous supply of parts or raw materials.

For specific configurations, the Gravity Flow experts at Mallard offer custom solutions to maximize space and achieve desired efficiency results. The team provides a free on-site consultation to assist in tailoring the Gravity Flow system to unique storage needs.

In addition to Gravity Flow Rack, Mallard offers Gravity Conveyor Products, including push conveyors and gentle sloping floor-mounted conveyors. These economical solutions cater to various industrial functions, such as picking, packing, streamlined and efficient processes, reduced labor and equipment costs, intake, staging, line transfer, minimized vehicle congestion, more productive inventory movement, and safer work areas. The gravity conveyor products are designed with the same precision and attention to detail as Mallard's pallet flow and carton flow products, ensuring durable and long-lasting use. Installation is fast and suitable for permanent or temporary applications, accommodating flat push-assisted or sloped gravity flow for flat-bottomed or rigid-bottomed materials.